Breaking News: UTAG to suspend strike by Tuesday?

Striking University Lecturers are set to return to the lecture theatres by Tuesday. The SRC president of the University of Ghana, Mr Edmond Kombat made this known on his facebook page. The statement read
“By Monday or Tuesday, UTAG will be back to the lecture rooms.
Thanks to all Colleaque students leaders for the work so
far….Special mention of Andrews Kofi Gyan-NUGS Pres, Eugene-
NUGS Education and Democratization, Dasebre-NUGS
International Relations, Francis Boye-Local NUGS Prez UG. After
meeting FWSC, UTAG, VC-Ghana,,,, the assurance is great that,
they will come back by Monday or Tuesday. We pray nothing
distort this plan eventhough we intern to make a press
statement on Monday. Lets Keep Our Fingers Crossed.”
Lets all hope that the lecturers return indeed


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